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Drupal 7
WYSIWYG & Media is an great combination for building a user friendly content-editing experience. Media 2.x is under heavy development. Don't follow this guide on production websites without heavy testing!
Thomas Svenson wrote a series of blogposts about Drupal website building: Un(b)locking the Drupal Learning Curve. He explains challenges people and organizations encounter while learning and adopting Drupal. What I like is his explanation of roles involved in web development. He maps these roles on a project-timeline. He points out that the site builder role is the central role in the team.
These are my essential tools while developing the front-end for a new website. It is a mixture of browser addons, wikipedia pages and nifty tricks documentated on other blogs. Includes: ipsums, browser scriptlets, placeholders.
Taxonomy CSV
Drupal 7
Taxonomy CSV Import Export (taxonomy_csv) for Drupal 7 is a great module to save a lot of time when creating your new website. It lets you import vocabularies. Going to summarize howto import a hierarchical taxonomy with its fields. It's a bit obscure and you need configuration on import. I cannot solve importing a hierarchy and descriptions in one step. But I can import a hierarchy or terms with fields. So you can do it in 2 steps! Follow me.
Drupal 8
With Views promoted to Drupal 8 core, the popular open source cms is getting more and more promissing. Last week Drupal8 project lead Dries Buytaert promoted Drupal's most installed module (70%) to core.