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This article contains a detailed instruction on how to setup the Entity Translation module for Drupal 7 websites. Entity Translation is part of Drupal 8 core and its approach is to translate fields instead of full nodes/entities. Goal of this tutorial is to set up a multilingual website that can be navigated in multiple languages by visitors and to enable the content to be easily manageable by editors / cms administrators. To get multilingual right, it’s critical that you configure your content-types and fields with care and precision and upfront, because if content is already in your database it is almost impossible to change these configurations. So let's go.
Recently I was building a Drupal site with Display Suite, Entity Reference and Bootstrap. In this blog I want to share why that combination and some tricks I used to get a great frontend and editor-UX. Great frontend and editor-UX: First we wanted a great editor-experience . It should be simple to...