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Did you know that when developing a module(s) locally you can now easily do this in separate git repositories? This is very useful because it gives the opportunity to both use a separate Git for your custom module and an IDE like PHPstorm+Xdebug for the Drupal integration at the same time.
Drupal 8
We are working on porting Feeds to Drupal 8 today at the Global Sprints weekend in Amsterdam. We would like to know from you how you use these and similar import/export modules and what functionality you like but still miss in Drupal 8. Please take the survey here:
In this article we try to document how you can set-up your local development machine, to Xdebug inside tests. Including functional javascript! The setup is documented here in this article and also in the Drupal docs here. The quest started on the Dev Days Milano in 2016. With Drupal 8 the community tries to leverage automatic-tests where-ever possible.