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One little Drupal community secret: the main-event of a DrupalCon might be sprinting... A code sprint is getting developers for a set amount of time – usually one to two days – and just writing code. That's it. You're not teaching anything. Participants will learn from others as they go, but the...
More than 125+ sessions from last week's Drupalcon in Barcelona are on Youtube: Posted by the Drupal Association. Hope you can learn from it too! Session tracks Business and Strategy Business Showcase Coding and Development Content Strategy Core...
Organic Groups
Drupal 7
If you want to list Organic Group content in a View you must do a little more that just add one reference. In our usecase we didn't use Organic Groups' default reference field (og_ref that is) and we chained multiple groups (a group has content and a group is part of a parentgroup).
Recently we were using Feeds to import CSV files to a Drupal content-type, but we also wanted to preserve the original CSV row in a field. By default you can map and import values of a known column (with their corresponding header) by typing the header as 'Source' and choose your field as 'Target...
This Kitchensink renders Bootstrap elements with the Radix theme. You can switch themes to get an impression about how this can work for you. The themes are created by the Radix theme , Drush and Bundler . First you install the Radix theme. $ drush en radix Then you can do this Drush command for a...
Convert any CLDR date/time format to PHP format. Paste CLDR...
This article contains a detailed instruction on how to setup the Entity Translation module for Drupal 7 websites. Entity Translation is part of Drupal 8 core and its approach is to translate fields instead of full nodes/entities. Goal of this tutorial is to set up a multilingual website that can be navigated in multiple languages by visitors and to enable the content to be easily manageable by editors / cms administrators. To get multilingual right, it’s critical that you configure your content-types and fields with care and precision and upfront, because if content is already in your database it is almost impossible to change these configurations. So let's go.
Recently I was building a Drupal site with Display Suite, Entity Reference and Bootstrap. In this blog I want to share why that combination and some tricks I used to get a great frontend and editor-UX. Great frontend and editor-UX: First we wanted a great editor-experience . It should be simple to...
Drupal 7
I recently installed 2 modules (Commerce Store and Commerce Marketplace) as an exploration to run a multiseller shop with Drupal Commerce. There is a great threat on where this functionality is discussed: In this article I share my results and opinion about...
Drupal 7
So when I import from a feed using a form (/import/node_importer), I get a nice little progress bar and I can import roughly 4k rows in about a minute and a half. How can I get the same performance using cron/periodic imports/process in background? I currently have it configured to run every 15...