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Cron runs Drupal background processes. For example it is used by the update module to check if there are security updates. First install Drush: install Drush ( ) Set Path set the drush installation path in your environmental variables, so you can run drush from any...
Today I was cleaning up my bookmarks. These are my 'dev tools' links. read 20 Extremely Useful CSS Tools | webexpedition18 10 Excellent Developers Websites You should Bookmark 10 Things a Website Should Never, Ever Do | Kyle Schaeffer - Web Design and SharePoint Branding Useful Tools To Check Cross...
Drupal 7
Just few years ago Google Maps was the only option to go for. A big disadvantage is that a lot of 'smart' things happens on Google's side. Therefore it was difficult to really engage location information about users and content on your Drupal site. Nowdays (2013) things has changed. You can do all your location thingies in and with Drupal and OpenSource. In this (series of) post(s) I'll try to inform you about my ride through Drupal mapping.
Drupal 7
WYSIWYG & Media is an great combination for building a user friendly content-editing experience. Media 2.x is under heavy development. Don't follow this guide on production websites without heavy testing!
Thomas Svenson wrote a series of blogposts about Drupal website building: Un(b)locking the Drupal Learning Curve. He explains challenges people and organizations encounter while learning and adopting Drupal. What I like is his explanation of roles involved in web development. He maps these roles on a project-timeline. He points out that the site builder role is the central role in the team.
These are my essential tools while developing the front-end for a new website. It is a mixture of browser addons, wikipedia pages and nifty tricks documentated on other blogs. Includes: ipsums, browser scriptlets, placeholders.
Taxonomy CSV
Drupal 7
Taxonomy CSV Import Export (taxonomy_csv) for Drupal 7 is a great module to save a lot of time when creating your new website. It lets you import vocabularies. Going to summarize howto import a hierarchical taxonomy with its fields. It's a bit obscure and you need configuration on import. I cannot solve importing a hierarchy and descriptions in one step. But I can import a hierarchy or terms with fields. So you can do it in 2 steps! Follow me.
Drupal 8
With Views promoted to Drupal 8 core, the popular open source cms is getting more and more promissing. Last week Drupal8 project lead Dries Buytaert promoted Drupal's most installed module (70%) to core.