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Drupal Cron on development laptop

Published on 2013-06-21

Cron runs Drupal background processes. For example it is used by the update module to check if there are security updates.


First install Drush:

install Drush ( )

Set Path

set the drush installation path in your environmental variables, so you can run drush from any directory in your terminal.

UNIX every 4 minutes

  1. terminal "crontab -e"
  2. add “0/4 * * * * drush --root=</path/to/your/drupal-site> @sites core-cron --yes“
  3. save and your cron will run every 4 minutes


Windows every 4 minutes

  1. install “Cron Script Manager” ( )
  2. choose “Add script”
  3. scriptname “<your-drupal-site>
  4. script content: “drush --root=C:\<path\to\your\drupal-site> @sites core-cron --yes”
  5. click “ok”, goto “schedule”
  6. add “*/4 * * * * ?<your-drupal-site>
  7. save and your cron will run every 4 minutes


Check cron status

  1. Login as Admin and goto (<drupal-site>/admin/reports/status)
  2. You see the last time cron run aside “Cron maintenance tasks ”
  3. There is also a link to run cron manualy.



You are up and running now.