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Install website with Drush Make and Profiler

Published on 2013-06-06


What is Drush Make

A method to deploy Drupal Installations. Contains a definition of your modules, themes and libraries. From an empty folder Drush Make downloads the contrib from Drush Make also creates make-scripts for your Drupal Website.

What is 

Check for an example.

drush make --no-core --contrib-destination=sites/all profiles/webdev_garantucom/drupal-org.make


Create Make file from Drupal installation


The drush make command can be executed from a path within a Drupal codebase or independent of any Drupal sites entirely.


  1. Build a Drupal site at example/ including Drupal core and any projects defined in the makefile:

    drush make example.make example

  2. Build a tarball of the platform above as example.tar.gz:

    drush make --tar example.make example

  3. Build an installation profile within an existing Drupal site:

    drush make --no-core --contrib-destination=. installprofile.make


Create Install Profile from Drupal installation

Create new Drupal installation

create new drupal install

drush dl drupal

rename folder to 'example'