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Career opportunities for Drupal experts

Looking for opportunities to work in a growing Dutch web development team?

  • With access to high end projects in the Netherlands.
  • Working on a high level of expertise.
  • Learning on the job from your expert colleagues.
  • Projects for high end companies in the Netherlands.
  • Personal development plan with Acquia certification.
  • Working on various projects on a freelance basis from your own location.
  • Being part of a driven, like minded specialist team with great ambitions.
  • Good financial compensation.

Niels de Feyter Remote Experts is an intermediary for remote Drupal specialists and

reputable web agencies specialised in Drupal. From his own experience as a Drupal Expert, Niels knows what it takes to work in a high end web team. Past 2 years have shown that remote working is a successful and productive way of working for web teams.

However in the Netherlands there is always a shortage of specialised Drupal Experts. So Niels has started the Remote Experts Team, with international Drupal experts from all over Europe.

And we are looking for you!

As a full-stack Drupal specialist you work in a team with other specialists. Your colleagues are other Drupal users and people specialised in devops, web design, backend, frontend and agile processes.

  • You work on a full-time basis (28 hours - 40 hours per week) for a continuous period that is extended per month.
  • You will participate in daily stand ups and online meetings. The working language is English.
  • You work independently on tickets and code reviews. Some tasks take a few hours, some a few days.
  • For questions you can contact your colleagues in the team via Slack, Jira and phone.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for full-stack Drupal experts who can work independently, who are strong communicators and who want to improve their soft- and hard-skills.

You have at least 5 years of experience as a backend developer (coder) and have demonstrable in-depth knowledge of Drupal.

If you do not yet meet these requirements, you can show us that you are able to meet them within the coming 6 months.

The hardware and tooling

When working in the Remote Experts Team, we strongly advise you to work with a macbook pro.

Phpstorm licences and all other tooling you may need will be provided.

Description of our clients

We participate in web-development teams for top 200 websites in The Netherlands.

The companies we work with encourage independent working, while also having good communicative skills to connect with the team.

They expect you to show initiative and make suggestions for improvement of technical as well as professional issues.

Most of our clients have an organisational structure consisting of agile teams with multiple developers and a project-manager. The team is complemented with designers, SEO and UX specialists.

Most of our clients have long-lasting experience with Drupal.

Recent projects that our experts have been working on

  • Migration Drupal 7 to Drupal 9 of e-commerce platform. In this project you work independently over a longer period of time (total workload 500 hours). You are flexible to schedule your work weeks how you want.
  • Developer in sprint team Drupal 8 multi-tenant website for 20 hours per week. You are part of a 10-people agile team with daily-standups, a project-manager and 4 Drupal fullstack developers.
  • Developer in sprint team multi technology (Drupal, Golang) for a huge library, for 40 hours per week. In this team you are encouraged to learn new technologies on the job. The project uses a broad range of technologies and Drupal is just one of them.

Why you’ll love working in the Remote Experts Team:

As part of the Remote Experts Team you will be working for various high level Dutch agencies.

You will be mentored by Niels de Feyter, a Drupal Specialist with over 10 years of experience in the field. He will help you to settle into your new team and will be your sparring partner in the start-up period. After that you will have regular check-ins.

A personal development plan will be set-up with Acquia certified training possibilities.

Twice a year the entire Remote Experts Team will do something special together with all experts + partners in Europe.

Competitive salary with opportunity to grow quickly.

Hiring process for the Remote Experts Team

  1. Check the requirements on our website.
  2. When you meet the requirements or can show that you will reach these within 6 months.
  3. You will receive a confirmation with the link to an online assessment and a link to book a matchcall.
  4. After taking the online assessment, we will examine your results.
  5. During the matchcall we will discuss the results of the assessment and your level of experience. Also we will discuss the placement process, your wishes and other relevant topics.
  6. If it is a yes from both sides, we will make up a framework agreement with basic agreements such as a non-disclosure agreement and a letter of intent to work together for 1 year.
  7. Your profile will be offered to at least 3 agencies that are searching for specialists of your level of expertise.

Does this suit you?

Take the first step into your future and contact us today!