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About me

My name is Niels de Feyter and I live in Utrecht. A city in the middle of the Netherlands. As of 2013 I work as a freelance software engineer. Since then I develop websites for mainly large clients like KLM, Ben and Nestlé. The projects I take on are located in different places. Most of them in the Netherlands. I am used to quickly find my way in a complex organization.

I prefer to work in a team with other senior developers. That way you keep each other focused and that yields the best results.Examples of projects I have worked on can be found on the cases page.

By working in various large organizations and teams I have been able to grow in a broad sense. On a technical level I specialize in Drupal, Front-end and DevOps technology.
On a social level, I like to be a sparring partner and am good at connecting people.

My favorite project has the following characteristics:

  • Collaboration is key;
  • A team where the team members also love to engineer, improve and perfection websites;
  • A variation of working remotely and regular on-site appointments.

For more information please contact me by phone at +316-44394450. See also the contact page.