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Drupal experts for your organisation

Full focus on your project, without worrying about the team?

There has been a major shortage of Drupal specialists in the Netherlands for years. This has resulted in projects being postponed or having to be carried out entirely by junior specialists.

Are you also experiencing:

  • Projects are delayed or even cancelled because the right experts are hard to find?
  • Costs are exceeding budget because hiring prices keep going up?
  • Experts from countries like India and Pakistan do have the necessary experience, but due to cultural differences they do not fit in with the team and this is not the solution?

The past 2 years it has become clear that (100%) remote teams are incredibly productive and it is a good solution to hire international employees who are available remotely.

With Remote Experts we offer you Drupal specialists from Europe who can be deployed immediately and who work remotely for your organization.

We provide specialists for web-development teams of the top 200 websites in the Netherlands.

We recruit Drupal specialists

  • We continuously recruit and select international Drupal experts within Europe who will become part of the Remote Experts Team.
  • These specialists are all very experienced, communicative in English and able to work independently.
  • Each specialist has been personally interviewed by us and assessed for their Drupal knowledge and skills.
  • You can deploy one of these specialists in one of your web teams on a full-time or part-time basis. This will solve a capacity and knowledge problem.

A Remote Expert:

  • truly becomes part of your team;
  • participates in daily stand ups and other online meetings;
  • Independently completes jira tasks of several hours to several days;
  • takes juniors in tow, does code review, and so on;
  • Is intensively coached by us during the entire secondment period.

Intensive coaching

We make every effort to provide your organization with a productive and positive specialist.

In the first period we are directly involved in the quality assurance of the

specialist. This includes:

  1. code review;
  2. setting up environments;
  3. making personal contacts within the organization;
  4. coaching on integration into the team.

Even after that, we stay in close contact with the specialist. He or she is part of the Remote Experts Team in which regular masterminds, contact moments and evaluations take place.

The costs for an expert depend on the experience and the country of

origin/passport. If you are considering hiring a Remote Expert, you will receive a quote from us with the tariff structure.

Do you need Drupal specialists within your company, for (temporary) replacement or to grow your business? We are happy to discuss our working method and the selection procedure with you.

Contact us and let's find out together what we can do for each other!