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Drupal tech lead - Stage entertainment - iO Digital

Multi tenant e-commerce with millions monthly visitors.


Stage Entertainment is one of the largest international live entertainment companies in Europe. With musicals such as Disney's Aladdin and Tina Turner. The productions play in different theatres in Europe, with each country having its own website.

Musicals have their own visual identity and content-rich pages. In the checkout process, visitors can specify which seats they want and on which day they want to book.

With our international web team, we improve the website for current and new productions.


In this team I work as Drupal tech lead. I work with an expert level Drupal engineering team and with the responsible staff within the country offices to deliver features in a timely and correct manner.

The visibility and popularity of the musicals makes this project extra interesting. Technically, the project is also challenging, especially because the country websites are all somewhat different.

The software I work with are Drupal, PHP, PHPUnit, Storybook, Rest and Javascript.

Senior Software Engineer - Ben Telecom

Quality control of webshop functionalities by reviewing code and connecting the right parties in the organisation


Ben Telecom is part of T-Mobile and has more than 150,000 customers. For existing customers and future customers, Ben Telecom wants to offer the best experience in their webshop, on product information pages, in the 'check-out' and in a personal customer environment on the website. To guarantee this quality, a website development team has been formed.


In the team I have the role of senior software engineer. I write code and review the code of my co-workers. I also ensure that the tasks, needs and requirements for the website correspond with those of the business partners and other development teams. Due to the size of the organisation and the complexity of working with a large number of systems, this project is very exciting.

The software I work with are Drupal, PHP, Symfony, CSS, Javascript, PhpUnit and Docker.

Senior Front-End Developer - Blue Sky Group

An optimal experience and appearance of the website, on desktop and mobile


Blue Sky Group is a pension fund manager for, among others, KLM and SNS Reaal. The website consists of various 'sections': content pages and interactive pages for the pension members, but also a section to manage the website. To make this website work well - on every page and device - there is a website team. I am part of this team as a senior front-end developer.


The complete team consists of designers, back-end developers and Blue Sky Group colleagues with domain specific expertise. Together we have built a test system with the tool This automated test system ensures that functional tests are carried out every night. This means that the work of the people who carry out these tests is considerably relieved. In addition, I make sure that the website looks very appealing visually.

For this project, I am working with the technologies of Drupal, PHP, Symfony, CSS, Javascript, GitLab and Cypress.

Interim consultant - including Nestlé, Ambitie, NCRV and Ordina

No problem is unsolvable: as an interim consultant I create order out of chaos.


Many large organisations use Drupal for their website. When something urgent occurs causing a website to not function as desired, I can be consulted. This includes solving a backlog of security updates, relocate hosting, or fixing performance issues when a website is too slow.


Because of many years of experience with Drupal I can quickly detect and solve problems. As interim consultant for Drupal projects I support several clients. Because of my technical and practical knowledge this role suits me well. When a problem is under control, I hand it over.

IT project manager including U-CyTech and Vanepump

Continuous development of a webshop, based on realistic and strategic planning


U-CyTech and Vanepump are two trading companies operating on an international level. Both companies have a webshop. Because I am specialised in Drupal, I have a double role in this project. As IT-project leader and main contractor I am responsible for the development of these webshops.


In these projects, I work closely together with the client. Together we make a planning for the long and short term, which is also translated into a roadmap and cost analysis. At the same time I manage the Drupal development team, so that the project can actually be built.