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Update to Drupal 10

Drupal 7 will be insecure on 5 January 2025

We provide fast and efficient Drupal 7 to Drupal 10 update solutions

  1. Don't be to late upgrading your Drupal version to 10 and higher.
  2. At least 100.000 websites are running an (old) Drupal 7 version. They al need to upgrade before January 2025.
  3. Make a free scan to check the heath of your website and if your Drupal version needs to be updated or an security upgraded.

International recruitment

Niels de Feyter' Drupal development & recruitment is here to help. Using my personal experience as a Drupal Specialist and my large international network within the Drupal community, I recruit suitable experts of various levels from different countries, such as the Netherlands, Belgium, but also Romania and Bulgaria.

After a thorough screening on expertise and personal skills, the experts are placed in the Drupal Experts Pool. They are deployed on various projects. Our team has Drupal specialists at various levels and with different expertise. A suitable Drupal specialist for every request!

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Our services

We offer our clients a total package of services, from recruitment to workplace guidance. We support our Drupal specialists both in the area of knowledge and personal skills.

This total package guarantees our clients the best match in today's dynamic market. 

Are you a Drupal specialist?

Are you a Drupal specialist and want to work in an enthusiastic team, where you can continue to develop? 

As part of the Drupal Experts Pool:

  • Are you guaranteed to be proposed several times a year for challenging projects.
  • You will join an international team of qualified experts.
  • Establish a development plan with us and attend Acquia Certification trainings to expand your expertise.
  • You will have monthly team meetings where you can discuss content and personal issues with like-minded colleagues.
  • Our client pool consists of highly reputable Drupal agencies and Digital Design agencies.

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