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Published on 2015-09-26

One little Drupal community secret: the main-event of a DrupalCon might be sprinting...

code sprint is getting developers for a set amount of time – usually one to two days – and just writing code. That's it. You're not teaching anything. Participants will learn from others as they go, but the focus is not on instruction. The goal is to create working software.

Right now (Saturday 26th Sep) the Drupal community is pushing hard on the first next-gen CMS that will have stable releases early 2016.

Links to follow for 8.x LTS

drupal 8.x critical issues (when done, Drupal 8.0-rc1 will be published)

drupal 8.x critical + major + normal issues (sprint targets Drupal Core)

rules 8.x critical + major + normal issues (sprint targets Rules) + rules 8.x roadmap

search_api 8.x critical + major + normal issues (sprint targets Search API) + search_api 8.x meta issue

Sprints targets for Drupalcon Barcelona 2015

  • Getting D8 done
  • Drupal 8 Core Major Issue Triage
  • Front-end United
  • Multilingual
  • Search API for Drupal 8
  • Rules
  • Performance (front and back end)

1st Sprint Preparation

Sprint agenda Drupalcon Barcelona 2015

19-20 September - Extended Sprints at Makers of Barcelona
21-24 September - Sprints at the Barcelona International Convention Center - Contribution Lounge (Room 114)
21-24 September - 24-hour Supporter Sponsored Sprint Lounge at the Princess Hotel
25 September - General SprintsMentored Core Sprint, and First-Time Sprinter Workshop at the Barcelona International Convention Center
26-27 September - Extended Sprints at Makers of Barcelona

Etiquette: Have fun1

Everyone who participates in a Sprint is there because they want to help make Drupal better. It is important to remember to have fun and enjoy the work you are doing. Sprints should be lively and laid back, so that the many different people who participate feel comfortable collaborating with each other.